Covid Classic II - Non Pro Pony Hunter 

1) 60

2) 74

3) 61

Congratulations riders! Gift code will be emailed to the winner shortly.
Judge's comments below each thumbnail. Thank you for participating in the Covid Classic II!



From the Judge's card: Super cute! Good jumper. Keep it up!
Very consistent, sweet, looks like a solid citizen and great teacher. Very suitable. 



From the Judge's card: Cute! Keep working on making smooth but tight turns. Wait to trot a little later.
Be efficient but smooth--just a bit more flatwork will help whole picture come together. Keep it up!



From the Judge's card: Consistent. Tail active. Sweet and cute. Good jumper, great partnership. Looks like a good teacher,
very suitable. Keep working on invisible aids--don't show when you make an adjustment (for example between jumps 2-3,
made the right correction to balance up--try not to show me, but do invisiby with body and reins).