Covid Classic II - 3'-4' Non Pro Hunter 

1) 73

2) 55

3) 82

4) 65

Congratulations riders! Gift code will be emailed to the winner shortly.
Judge's comments below each thumbnail. Thank you for participating in the Covid Classic II!



From the Judge's card: Super cute. Good jumper. Handy and game.
Shorten reins a bit will help with more invisible aids. Great go. 



From the Judge's card: Swap at fence 6 two hard rubs. Very cute.
Little more pace would help, especially in the lines. Good jumper. Cool horse! 



From the Judge's card: Very typey. Game in rain!
Good jumper, super consistent. Keep coming to oxers--total package. 



From the Judge's card: Good jumper, a little flat. Average mover. Looks like a steady Eddie.
Solid citizen/good teacher. Littie more pace, but overall consistent and smooth.