Carolinas Equestrian World Equestrian Center 03Finley and Campbell Clement

"The Cadet Horsemanship program, a 30- minute educational session offered to junior riders every Saturday morning at WEC is fantastic! The girls of KS Sporthorses LLC learned all about hay the first week - what to look for in a good hay, why your horse needs hay and that a horse's stomach can be up to 5 gallons! The second week they learned all about ergonomic tack from the Antares representative. The third week the topic was A Day in the life of a Groom. The best part? Each week 39 kids are awarded $250 in a credit towards their show bill. One lucky rider is awarded a $500 credit! WEC is truly invested in creating a solid foundation for the future generations of riders."

- Lauren Clement
Horse Show Parent of Charlotte, NC