Roeckle The Carolinas Equestrian We love and live for gloves!  As a family-run company of glove tailors, we believe that they truly are an accessory that adds quality to life.  That is precisely why we have spent over 175 years focusing on what we do best: gloves.  The driving force behind our business is our desire to make sure that equestrians have meticulously designed premium products on hand – in the truest sense of the word.  After all, the hands are crucial for giving important stimuli and gently handling the reins to ensure delicate, yet precise communication between horse and rider.  The decisive element for establishing a harmonious bond between human and animal is the right balance between grip and feeling.  To ensure that our riding gloves fit like a second skin and provide the effective grip and tactility needed for handling the reins, we use high-quality materials such as ROECKL’s exclusive ROECK-GRIP®, SUPREMA by ROECKL or MICRO AIR with special cuts.  

New products developed for disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, eventing and many more are thoroughly tested in close cooperation with our renowned Competence Team, allowing professional equestrians, as well as amateur riding enthusiasts, to fully benefit from our collective expertise and product developments.

For over 175 years the name ROECKL continues to stand for excellent functionality, an exact fit and outstanding wear comfort.  The problem is that comfort cannot be measured.  It is the materials, cuts and proportions that make all the difference.  That cannot be achieved by science alone.  It requires experience.  And that is precisely where we can pride ourselves on extensive expertise in the art of glove tailoring, passed down and refined from generation to generation.  We always remain true to our guiding principle: “Being innovative by tradition.  Preserving what is tried and tested.  Improving what is good!”  We continually strive to do our best, so you can enjoy your riding experience and know your hands are protected.