"The Cadet Horsemanship program, a 30- minute educational session offered to junior riders every Saturday morning at WEC is fantastic! The girls of KS Sporthorses LLC learned all about hay the first week - what to look for in a good hay, why your horse needs hay and that a horse's stomach can be up to 5 gallons! The second week they learned all about ergonomic tack from the Antares representative.

Carolinas Equestrian World Equestrian Center 03

The third week the topic was A Day in the life of a Groom. The best part? Each week 39 kids are awarded $250 in a credit towards their show bill. One lucky rider is awarded a $500 credit! WEC is truly invested in creating a solid foundation for the future generations of riders."

- Lauren Clement
Horse Show Parent of Charlotte, NC

"I cannot say enough great things about The World Equestrian Center (WEC), the owners, and the staff. The Roberts family has created a horse show venue that caters to both the horse and rider in the most wonderful of ways. The rings and facilities are meticulously cared for and run like a well-oiled machine. During the time I spent there in 2017 and 2018 not once did I see a ring be placed on hold or get backed up. The food and shopping are top notch as well and did I mention they have a spa? Between divisions, I kid you not, I got my eyebrows done and done well! While the operations don't miss a beat, the thing I liked the most was that my horses and I truly enjoyed our time there. You are at a show, but they make you feel at home. It reminded me of horse shows growing up, where you and your horses' experience was more important than the check you wrote."

- Ashely Hurteau Amateur - Owner Hunter Rider
Fairytale Farms of Charlotte, NC.

Carolinas Equestrian World Equestrian Center 05"In my 32 years of showing horses, WEC is hands down my new favorite venue. The whole facility is top notch and what I refer to as a paradise for both horses and riders. From the stabling, rings, vendors, cabins, staff and all the amazing amenities, WEC is in a class of its own. I have never left a horse show before feeling like not only were my expectations met, but exceeded until my experience at WEC!"

- Leslie Wheat, Amateur - Owner Hunter Rider of Columbia, SC
(trains with Christison Stables of Camden, SC)

"After spending 12 days at the World Equestrian Center in 2017, we decided it had to be permanently added to our schedule for 2018. Our favorite part about WEC is that the weather is not a factor! It can rain, snow, be below freezing outside or be windy and you're guaranteed to be dry and comfortable, usually 68 degrees inside. The horses don't even need blankets inside! Who would have thought, in January or February in Ohio!!

"Some bonuses of showing at WEC; you can check yourself out in the office without waiting in line and the rings stay open late every night so you can school over fences and at NO charge! They have fun activities for the kids (and adults) every Saturday night whether it be blindfolded wheelbarrow races, ninja warrior courses, volleyball, wrecking ball competitions, dance offs and so much more! Not only is it fun, but the winners sometimes get cash prizes!"

- Kerin & Kelsey Benson, Trainers Briar Field Farm, Mooresville, NC

"The horse shows at the World Equestrian Center are ones that l always look forward to on our calendar. The atmosphere is family oriented and being there is an experience where you feel as though you are a part of a community, a community where you matter because the staff is truly happy to have you competing. The rings are always beautifully set and groomed, schedule prompt, and crew friendly and respectful. Things are smoothly run because of the convenience of communication between office staff, ring gate personnel, and the online entry platform. Additionally, the town is charming and offers many original restaurants and shops to visit during down time. Be sure to visit General Denver Hotel/Restaurant, Spillway Lodge, and Jen's Deli."

- Megan Rosenthal
Professional Hunter/Jumper Rider and Trainer - Fairytale Farms of Charlotte, NC

Carolinas Equestrian World Equestrian Center 02

"Attending a horse show at the World Equestrian Center in Ohio is like showing in perfect weather all the time. Wonderful venue with ownership and management who listen to the needs and comments of the exhibitors, a massive venue all under one roof, temperature-controlled barns and rings and a quaint town to enjoy an after-show meal. Just got back from four weeks and we are already planning to go back in 2019."

- Rick Sousa
Horse Show Parent
Briarfield Farm

"We had a very good time, with every type of weather you could think of. It rained most days, got into the 60's one day and they opened all the doors and windows. The next day it snowed. It was always in the 60s inside no matter what was going on outside. It was great schooling for My green pony, every night after the show, we were able to use the rings to school as much as we wanted with only a $20 schooling fee for the whole week! It's a great place for green horses to get experience. I also enjoyed seeing all my family, my grandmother, uncle, aunt, mother and two cousins who were all there training and riding. It was a blast having three generations of riders and trainers altogether for the first time in years. The office and staff was very easy going and easy to work with as well. I'll definitely be back!"

- Robert Stucky
Professional Hunter/Jumper Rider and Trainer
Hedge & Turf Farm of Waxhaw, NC