Carolinas Equestrian Trisha DingleIf you don't have a safe area to tie your horse, or if you have a horse who tends to be nervous when working on, it’s important that either you or an experienced handler is available to hold your horse for your EP. Even if you tie your horse, someone should always be available to jump in should the horse start dancing around. A few months ago my Arabian dressage gelding, Tango, threw a rear shoe – a very odd occurrence for him. My farrier was scheduled in two weeks, but I called to tell him just because I thought it was funny that only my horse could manage to pull a perfectly tight rear shoe in good footing. My farrier – who lives 1 ½ hours from me – immediately started trying to rearrange his schedule so he could come put the shoe back on. I told him not to worry as we only had one more show left but it was a small one and even giving Tango some off time I knew he’d be ready, and it wouldn’t hurt for him to have a week or two off. But I was touched that he was so willing to try and fit us in if I needed him to.