My confidence level is generally on par with my ability. I can usually remember my courses and I’m rarely crippled by nerves in the in gate, or anywhere else for that matter. So, until I took on the task of writing about mental skills, it had never occurred to me to seek out a mental strength coach because, I don’t have a problem! However, after my first mental strength Boot Camp session with Erin McGuire of Remarqueable Athletic Solutions, I realized there was room for improvement in my mental game, both in the ring and in my role as a trainer.

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Sooooo, what’s the difference between a problem and room for improvement? I’ll use an example from the barn. Say you’ve got two horses getting ready for a big show. One has become foot sore and needs padsThat’s a problem.The other has been getting middle of the pack ribbons in the under saddle, but he’s in steel shoes and he’d probably move much better in aluminum. That’s room for improvement. You’ve invested time, money and energy into getting ready for the show, and you want both horses to reach their full potential, so of course, you have your farrier out to work on both of them. 

You see where I’m going with this? A mental strength coach isn’t just for riders who are struggling with acute problems. As a rider or a trainer, if you aren’t taking the time to work on the mental aspect of your performance, you’re trotting into the under saddle in steel shoes; you’re not reaching your full potential! Here’s why:

  1. Mental strength training addresses a whole lot more than just nerves. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the breadth of topics covered in Boot Camp. Personally, I benefitted from discussions on goal setting and staying motivated. Both were areas where I knew I needed to improve, but I hadn’t thought of tapping into an outside resource for help. Each session offered multiple tools that either I didn’t know I needed or I didn’t know where to find.
  2.  Mental strength is a moving target. Things changeEspecially when horses are involved. Fear is not something I experience regularly, but from time to time it arises—for example, when I got bucked off recently. It had been a while since I’d had a fall and initially, I was flooded with debilitating thoughts, but with the knowledge I took away from Boot Camp, I was able to work through the anxiousness and hop on the next horse without missing a beat. 
  3.  Mental Strength is a team effort.When I started teaching riding lessons, I thought the hardest part was going to be explaining diagonals. (Seriously. I still have to harness every brain cell I have to see them. And why do they matter anyway!?) But compared to a kid who has lost her confidence, diagonals are a breeze! Fortunately, Erin’s program has equipped me with skills to complement the work she does with my riders and has made me a more effective part of the team. 

The Remarqueable Athletic Solution website is easy to navigate and includes a full menu of services and pricing. Erin offers a 25-minute free information consultation to answer any questions about the different services offered. All consultations are done over the phone or by video chat and can be scheduled through the website. The appointment scheduler is extremely fast and easy to use. But most impressive is Erin’s accessibility—appointments can be scheduled just about any time of day and even well into the night (For real; many days she allows for appointments from 7 am to 10 pm. I hope my hair dresser is taking note). Visit to get started!  

(photo credit: Natalie Kimball)

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