Letter From the Publisher
From the 2020 Spring Issue of The Carolinas Equestrian

A horseman would never deny an equine partner proper veterinarian care. But see a doctor for his or her own ailments? Unlikely. What is it about the equestrian culture that makes us believe that we should “cowboy up” in the face of injury or adversity? As a group, why do equestrians place so little emphasis on self-care? 

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Because self-care feels like weakness. Weakness feels like losing. And we hate to lose. 

But the reality is; there’s no blue ribbon for surviving the longest with the least number of doctor visits. You don’t get to lead the victory gallop for facing the most adversity and exhibiting the least amount of emotion. There’s no trophy for consecutive days worked, or least hours of sleep. 

Self-care comes in many forms and for me, it includes regular appointments with a psychologist. That was a hard line to write, and that has to change. It’s time for the equestrian community as a whole to stand up to the stigma associated with needing help.

Our sport is demanding, exhausting and sometimes dangerous. Let’s stop pretending that it’s not taking a toll. Let’s treat our own bodies as well as we treat those of our horses. Let’s eat better. Let’s wear sunscreen. Let’s reach out to our friends just to check in. Let’s be honest with each other about the struggles we face each day. Let’s travel sans horses every once in a while. Let’s spend time with our families. Let’s ask for help when we need it. 

And let’s remember that we’re not always being judged. 


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