Windows, Fencing, Footing and Friends….Oh My!

A few weeks ago, we bought a whole lot of dirt. And when I say a whole lot, it didn’t even register exactly how much dirt until our ring builder extraordinaire, Gill Simmers, said that some trucks would be coming to the farm the following morning with exactly 712 tons of screenings. No big deal, just 712 tons. According to google, that’s approximately 1,424,000 pounds of the most expensive dirt I have ever seen! Nick and I stood on our front porch and watched in awe as dump truck after dump truck put their signal on to make the turn into our driveway, literally backing up the road as they came in one by one. I have to say that we have had a lot of “Christmas morning” moments since purchasing this property and when you ignore the amount of money spent, it's pretty exciting!

accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian dirt ring

I'm a big picture person. It's hard to recognize the impact that all of the little things make until you look at them as a whole. Throughout this process I have felt so discouraged as it seems like nothing is getting done and then BOOM, its a functioning, beautiful horse farm! Dirt, fence boards and most importantly, PAINT! We have bought paint in every type and shade possible. I even discovered concrete paint, which I have to say may be the most life changing discovery of all! Our little tack room has truly been transformed from a closed off, dirty space with brown walls and concrete floors to the most adorable, warm and inviting room. A little white paint, wood stain and grey concrete paint paired with saddle and bridle racks hand made by our very own Nick Stewart....Pinterest worthy! 

accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian tack room


accross town farm emma fogler the caroinas equestrian tack room saddles after

Speaking of paint, i've been painting my jumps for what feels like years now. This was a lot easier when I had a barn full of hunters. Now that several stalls are filled with jumpers, i've been told that rails must be striped. In my prior life, painting jumps meant slapping on quick coats of whatever neutral “hunter” colors we had. Now, it requires painter's tape, a measuring tape, a pen and a whole lot of patience waiting for paint to dry before you can move on to the next color of stripe. But, yet again, the process was totally worth it to give a much needed face lift to the jumps that I have acquired over the years that now look entirely new! 

accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian jumps

Then, there was the window. How annoying that an entire day was spent replacing a dozen rotted boards around a window that in my opinion, didn't matter. Nick, the logical handyman insisted it was important and made me promise that I would stay off my phone while I held the bottom of the 24' ladder as he climbed the ladder with new boards in one hand and drill in the other. I'll be honest, i've never been responsible for holding a ladder in place. I learned that hitting the ladder with one hand to distract the puppy from chewing on something while someone is climbing with their hands full is unacceptable ladder holding protocol. I also learned that the before and after on this particular project was the biggest surprise of all!

accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian nick

Here are the other things that make a difference. The bench we built into the ring fencing for tired trainers, excited parents or students looking to learn. A little horse hose rack in the barn aisle. The beautiful matching trunks, impeccably crafted by my friend, Terry Outman. The pictures of our clients and horses in the tack room. New fans! Most recently, the addition of a parking area by the ring, planting bushes and shrubs an adding some pumpkins for fall. And the biggest difference of all? People coming through the doors.

accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian barn front

Windows, fence boards and new footing make a huge difference, don't get me wrong. But, as all of these little things come together, I realize that it's the sweat equity and love that is going to make this place great. This week, we had a few visits from some of my very special Charlotte customers. As I reflect on how these girls have all grown and the amazing memories and experiences that we have had together over the last 6 years, I find myself wondering who the people and horses are that will come through our gates next. So, as we march forward in this extreme makeover, the scariest part is yet to come, but we couldn't be more excited for this very special farm family to continue to grow! We're open! 


accross town farm emma fogler the carolinas equestrian barn finished