Led by Bill Richey, the founder and CEO of National Mounted Police Services, Inc. the clinic has a successful 17 year history in the U.S..

Building Confidence in Horses & Riders

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Mr. Richey has over 30 years experience as a mounted police officer, and almost as many as a trainer/instructor.He has spent countless hours training officers and civilians from all over the United States to perform safely and professionally. 

MOUNTEDPOLICE.ORG has photos, history and testimonials.

Clinic Overview

The de-spooking clinics are divided into five sections
1. Horse Physiology and Psychology
2. Equitation Techniques
3. Mounted Drill
4. Mounted Obstacles
5. Mounted Sensory

 Before the course is through, horses and riders will ride over teeter-totter bridges, walk through smoke and toward police lights and sirens while maintaining their place in the drill. All of this will happen simultaneously by the end of the two-day clinic.

Come and experience a Mounted Police Training School, you will be amazed at what you can do!

Entry fee is $450 with a $50 discount for entries paid in full by Sept 30, 2018. Field is limited to 15 horses and filling fast.

A limited number of stalls are available for overnight stay for $35 including parking for trailers.

Auditors are welcome, $35 for a two day pass. $25 for a one day pass. Bring chairs.  Lunch will be provided.

Contact Galen Miller 407-301-9598 or mail entry form and fee to Cranes Creek Ranch 1050 Cranes Creek Rd, Cameron NC 28326.